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First of all before I start, I didn’t get paid to write this!

I have never had any major skin problems, even when I was a teenager. I had the odd breakout here and there, but nothing that has really ever bothered me. When I was in high school, I started to learn a little more about make-up and how to make my skin look and feel better. After talking to a lot of my friends, who had really great skin, I discovered a particular skin care product called ‘Natasha Skin Care’. On hearing their advice, I booked an appointment at the clinic and saw a doctor who assessed my skin and wrote a prescription for morning cream, sunscreen, night cream and a facial wash. After a few months, I could see a real difference with my skin; it was flawless, glowing and my pores were getting smaller. I also started to receive compliments on how good my skin looked – a miracle has happened!

Fast-forward 9 years of living in Indoneia and happily using Natasha without a problem, and it’s time to move to Australia. There’s no Natasha Skin Care here, so every time I went back to Indonesia I stocked-up with a 6 month supply of products!

However, unbeknown to me when I first moved here, after a while in the harsh Australia climate, I started to see a difference with my skin. Frequently I would breakout with redness around my mouth, with a lot of irritation and dryness in multiple areas. What to do?  Well, I slowly weened my skin off all the creams except for the night cream, which I used every other day for the next 3.5 years. I didn’t really see any great improvements to my skin, but it’s what I felt was the right thing to do before searching for a new product.

For the next 8 months I started using Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair and La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream, together with my Natasha; Natasha one night, Estee Lauder and La Mer the next. I really love these two new products, but my skin still wasn’t back to how it was in the good old days! So, after 12.5 years with Natasha Skin Care, I decided finally to stop using the night cream.

OMG! You can only imagine how bad the reaction was to my face!  My face was very red, it felt hot, itchy, very dry and I had lots of little breakouts. I was so tempted to start using the night cream again, just to stop the itchiness. By now I’m so scared.  I don’t know what to do, because I don’t want to damage my skin even more.

After thinking about it for days and days, I decided I would just go with one cream, the La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream.

When I used the La Mer I could feel my skin was calm and the itchiness had gone. However, after a few hours when the moisturiser had worn off, I could feel my skin starting to get very itchy again. I believed in the La Mer magic, but it was also looking like I was going to have to apply it 8 times a day!  I was either going to be itchy or broke! 🙂

Then I remembered, I had a product called ‘Go – To Very Useful Face Cream’, who pride themselves on not having a lot of crazy ingredients in their creams.  I tried the Go – To face cream and yesss!!!! my skin has started to shown signs of improvement. For almost 2 weeks now I can’t get away from the La Mer and the Go – To creams. I carry them both everywhere I go and have also finally purchased the famous La Mer Mousturizing Cream, which has a thicker constancy than the soft cream (I will review more about the La Mer in a different post, which I use for my night cream).

The creams are good, but now to finally heal the madness!

One of the good things about being a blogger, is that I have a few boxes of skin care products stocked-up at home. I went through all the boxes and found Go – To Face Hero. This product has the description ‘Pure, potent super-oils and anti-oxidants penetrate deeply to hydrate, revive and insure your face agains fine lines, dark spots, dryness and inflammation’. When I read it works on inflammation, I tried the Go – To Face Hero Oil straightaway! I applied it twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed, followed by the La Mer. When I woke up the next morning the spots had calmed down, lots of the bumpy redness had gone and it didn’t feel itchy on my face anymore.

Fast-forward to today, where I’ve been using the oil for three weeks now, and my new routine has my skin looking and feeling a lot better. It’s almost unbelievable that in just three weeks, the new routine has worked so well.

I’ve read that so many people have had bad experiences coming off prescription face creams, with it taking a long time for their skin to return to normal. For me, I wished that I had never started using such creams, because now I know how strong they are on me. In my opinion, over-the-counter creams are just as good as prescription ones, we just need to find the right one for us.


Let me know if any of you want to know about all the products I use!



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  1. Lisa Autumn
    29th January 2018 / 1:11 am

    I love Advanced night repair! I would loooooove to try La Mer soon 🙂

    xx Lisa |

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